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Of all the hairstylists I’ve been to, Jesse is my favorite. He has a very creative and perfectionistic approach to highlighting my hair. The result is very natural and brilliant color. Ever since Jesse has been working on my hair the condition of my hair has improved dramatically. Initially my hair was a little dry and frizzy. The Goldwell products combined with regular deep conditioning treatments have helped me to grow my hair long and healthy. Because my hair is so fine I use to think I should keep it only shoulder length. Now thanks to Jesse, I finally have the long shiny hair I’ve wanted for years.
-Zofia Nowicki, Radiologist, Scottsdale AZ

As an educator and hairstylist, Jesse is nothing short of being passionate. His enthusiasm shines through everything he does and can inspire and motivate anyone. His dedication to the industry is showcased in every class he teaches. Jesse’s classes are always very organized and are based on something relevant to current trends. It is always a pleasure being a student in one of Jesse’s classes.
-Lindsey King, Hairstylist Scottsdale AZ

My first experience meeting Jesse stands out the most. Not being from this State originally I was beginning to loose hope I would find a colorist that understood how to do blonde hair. Jesse listened in great detail to what I wanted and pulled it off with such ease. In addition he not only took the time to recommend the proper products to maintain my hair but also spent the time teaching me how to use them, something no other hairstylist has done in the past. Jesse is hands down the best hair colorist I’ve ever been to. My hair hasn’t looked this good in the last two years. I will definitely continue to recommend him to family and friends.
-Bethany Krzyzanowski, RN/Stay at home mom, Scottsdale AZ

My fondest experience I remember is when I came in after a long and stressful day of work. Jesse knew exactly how to make me take my mind off work. He also gives the most wonderful head and neck massages I’ve ever had. When I began seeing Jesse one year ago, my hair was dry and brittle. I dreaded fixing it every day! He has since suggested products that have given me the hair back from my youth. I feel like a million bucks every time I leave my appointment!
-Kassadii DePuy, Sales, Scottsdale AZ

If I truly did not love and value Jesse’s talent I wouldn’t have followed him for the past 5 years. I always get a superb haircut, my hair is very thick and requires thinning and styling in a certain way to make it manageable. I always get compliments on how flattering and fun my hairstyle is. Not only do I appreciate the way he cuts and styles my hair but truth be known I so love his scalp massages.
-Anita Garrett, Director of a home health agency, Glendale AZ

I’ve been a client of Jesse’s for 3 years, I love how he has been able to give me a color and style that works for me without fighting with it. I’ve always felt that I did not have great hair until Jesse had started doing my hair. He is such a delight to be around and I pray he never leaves the valley because I don’t want to move.
-Karin Cather, Freelance Editor Scottsdlae AZ

Jesse was the first person to color my hair, I previously had never added any to my hair. I had lots of anxiety over it but this was completely removed by his expertise and incredible artistry. I benefit most from his attention to detail, not over doing color and how he always listens to me about what new things I want to try with my hair.
-Laurie Jones, Pediatrician Scottsdale AZ

For the past 6 years its been an ongoing happy experience seeing Jesse. Jesse truly listens and hears what I’d like to do with my color. He always customizes my hair color each session, especially with my stubborn grey! From making your appointment until mission complete he’s attentive focusing on the individual who is sitting in his chair. Jesse is only happy when I’m happy and satisfied and goes above and beyond Always!
-Judi Feldman, Caregiver Scottsdale AZ