Location and Hours

My Name is Jesse Fortin I have been a professional hairstylist working in Arizona since late October 2007. I wouldn’t dream of a better way to spend my time. My passion for hair began when I was a child growing up in Vermont where I had horses. I would spend hours grooming and styling their manes and tails making them gleam, every hair had to be in place before I’d leave the barn. It wasn’t until about 3 to 4 year into the beauty business when clients kept asking me how I ended up doing hair that I realized this is what perked my interest. At that time I came across this photograph of my horses tail I had braided and placed a few flowers in from my mom’s flowerbed it made me smile.

Hair for me is a way of life, a chance for me to express myself and to help people find their own beauty. I love to transform people’s hair and give my clients a look that truly compliments them from inside out.

When I’m able to analyze someone’s hair and given the time to properly deconstruct and reconstruct the current hair color palette that’s when I’m most happy. Clients can expect me to be attentive and able to understand their hair styling and hair color desires, as well as to be honest with the reality of what ones hair will do, I’m not one to promise something that I can’t deliver.

Not only am I an active hair care Professional in the salon but I am also an educator for Goldwell Professional hair care. Being an educator allows me to give back to the industry. I enjoy being able to inspire hair stylists and hair colorists to keep their inspiration flowing and to maintain a passion for their craft.

I look forward to meeting you and your hair in Scottsdale, or on the road in one of my classes. Just remember, “We only have one life to live so live your life and love what you do to create that life”.